Hello! My name is Mela Hartono. I’m a freelance illustrator lives in Indonesia. I loves drawing since I was very young and dreamt to be a comic artist or every jobs related to drawing. After buried my dream for several years, finally I braced my self to pursue that dream. So here I am, started working as freelance illustrator and next January (2018) is my second-job-anniversary. I currently interested in illustrating for children’s book. That’s why I try to bring out my inner child again so I can make good illustrations for children. I mostly use Photoshop for digital painting and sometime I paint with watercolor.

Oh, all my posts will be written in Indonesian (sorry). I will share my daily life (though I won’t blog every day) as a poor freelance illustrator. Yes, money-wise, I’m poor. But don’t worry, my blog won’t be full of misery. It’s about me, who have a lot of things to pursue even though I’m broke.

Enjoy my blog! 😀